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“A Day in Baja Arizona: Bisbee” Edible Baja Arizona, May/June, 2016
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“Lost in a Vortex” to Tucson Weekly, April, 2015
"Seed Saviors" Edible Baja Arizona, May/June 2015
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Walls: Writers on Addiction, Violence, and Incarceration (Anthology), 2015
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The Way of Natural History (Anthology), 2011
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"Seeing," Stories from the Other Side, 2011
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Tumacacori: Highland of Jaguars," Art in Wilderness (Anthology),     
December 2007
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His Preferred Immortality,” Los Angeles Times, Sept. 20, 2005
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“Desert’s Child,” Pilgrimage, Apr. 8, 2005
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"Wild Time”: Prisoners and Nature,” Eco-Man: New Perspectives on 
Masculinity and Nature (Anthology), June 1, 2004
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“Letter to a Man Released to Death,” Walking Rain Review, June 1, 2001
“Searching for Gray Hawks,” Bird Watcher’s Digest, June 1, 2001
“Of Pinacate Beetles and Beaches,” Getting Over the Color Green 
(Anthology), Mar. 1, 2001
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March 1, 1996
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March 1, 1996
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“Desert’s Child,” Cimarron Review, Apr. 1, 1995
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